Why Your Business Needs Emotion-based Customer Segmentation

Why Your Business Needs Emotion-based Customer Segmentation An article published in the Harvard Business Review (HBR) recently citing fresh research tries to initiate renewed debate on the importance of customer emotions in a marketing ecosystem. It calls for enterprises

| 07 Dec 2015
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The Many Benefits of Customer Segmentation

The many benefits of customer segmentation This is the last in the series of the ‘Operationalizing Data Analytics’ blog posts but certainly not the least important. Readers may recall an earlier post in this series called, ‘How To Build A Customer Profile Base’. Today’s

| 17 Nov 2015
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Understanding The Basics of Business Rules and Rules Engine

Understanding business rules and rules engine (Business Rules Engines BREs) A few posts earlier, I had spoken of operationalizing data analytics and some of its crucial components. While I have already touched upon how to build a customer database and how to draw up a pros

| 03 Nov 2015
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How to Build A Right Prospects List for Your Business

In my previous blog post, we learned how to build a customer profile database, and the challenges while doing so. Taking off from there, today, I shall explain how to go about making a prospects list. Definition: A prospects list is a place very much like a catalog of th

| 21 Oct 2015
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How to Build a Customer Profile Database

How to Build a Customer Profile Database? As I had promised in my previous post, I start today’s post by explaining how an Enterprise can operationalize analytics. The biggest challenge before any Enterprise, be it a B2B or B2C company, is – getting to know the cu

| 11 Oct 2015
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The What, Why and How of Operationalizing Analytics

An enterprise may have deployed analytics to read the patterns within its data but sometimes, businesses fail to effectively operationalize analytics. This is as good as pouring money down the drain as adopting analytics is only a job half done; ask any data scientist an

| 14 Sep 2015
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Google’s Experiment with Retail Grocery – Will Traditional Players Survive?

This line in a news report in London’s The Guardian – First they (Google) came for your search, then they came for your phone, now they want your groceries – seems like a wake-up call for retail grocers. The report was about the search major announcing that Goo

| 14 Sep 2015
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How to Use Retail Analytics to Save Your Store?

Reports of retail stores shutting down in the United States and elsewhere are coming in almost every week, leading to some analysts painting a doomsday scenario for this sector. A few others have labelled it, ‘Retail Apocalypse’. But it need not be so. Analy

| 30 Aug 2015
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Top 5 Uses of Predictive Analytics for Supermarkets and Retail Grocers

Top-5 Uses of Predictive Analytics for Supermarkets and Retail Grocers Predictive Analytics in Retail, the science of forecasting future trends based on existing data, was once dismissed as simply fancy fortune-telling. Today, it’s making inroads into the retail sector. G

| 10 Aug 2015
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