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Oyster CDP’s Voice of Customer Analytics

The Perfect Solution for Social Listening, Review Analysis, and Real Understanding of Your Brand

What is Oyster CDP’s Voice of Customer Analytics (VOCA) Engine?

The Voice of Customer Analytics (VOCA) Engine performs analysis of text data in online content, social media and reviews gathered from various sources and subsequent deduction of sentiment and other semantic information. Oyster CDP’s Voice of Customer Analytics Engine has several tools and features that make it leagues ahead of basic textual mining:

Sentiment Analysis

Find out the consumer sentiment (Positive/Neutral/Negative) from web content and social media with text, audio, and image support
Sentiment analysis Voca

Emotion Analysis

Determine your consumer’s emotions from an advanced six-class analysis (Joy, Trust, Surprise, Anger, Sadness, Fear)
Emotion analysis VoCa

Emoji & Multilingual Support

The engine understands Emojis & emoticons and supports sentiment analysis in multiple languages
Emoji & Multilingual Support

Topic Modeling

Automatically identifies topics of discussion and frames the context of the textual data for peak clarity
Topic Modeling Voca

Visual Dashboards &
Insights Window

Get an active insight dashboard, pareto charts, timeline graphs and so much more
Visual Dashboards & Insights Window voca

Keyword Extraction

Extracts the most relevant keywords to convey the main and recurring themes of the underlying text
Keyword Extraction voca