Advertising Agencies

Offer Your Clients Every
Marketing Analytics
Capability Without Any Heavy

Whether you are the marquee agency of a Fortune 500, or an independent direct or digital agency, you know the value of data and analytics in modern marketing execution.

Managing complex data for advanced analytics needs huge investments in resources and talent. But letting someone else handle it is leaving money on the table!

Express Analytics White Label Solutions let you compete effectively in the post-cookie, privacy-first future of brand marketing.

Optimize revenues from your clients in Retail, FinServ, or Food Services by offering the full spectrum of marketing operations and analytics services through Express Analytics white label solutions.

Leverage Oyster, our Full-scale, Captive CDP,
as a White Label Solution to Offer Your Clients:

All marketing data and analytics capabilities, including:

  • Audience profiling, segmentation and targeting analytics
  • Bespoke predictive models for response/ churn management and cross sell/ upsell campaigns
  • Customer 360 view at scale for millions of customers, including ID resolution and including best-in-class match rates
  • Transitioning from DMP to CDP for omnichannel marketing
  • Sentiment analysis and Voice of Customer Analytics (VoCA)
  • NLP and ML recommendation engine
  • Big data management in real-time

Confidently Offer Your Clients:

  • Robust offline to online (O2O) integration capabilities, including same-day targeting with offline contact (direct mail) and social media (Facebook)
  • Fastest time-to-market for client campaigns and activations. Crash the time and effort for data readiness and execution insights for your Clients.
  • Embedded custom ‘test-learn-optimize’ approach to improve and enhance campaign outcomes
  • Data visualization and business intelligence: seamless, single-dashboard convenience

Partner with us to easily apply the insights and optimize marketing outcomes for your Clients – without investing in building in-house solutions, hiring large technology teams, or buying expensive third-party solutions.

Confidently promise your Retail, FinServ or Food Services Clients everything they need in marketing data and analytics; as our offshore team deftly handles the most complex campaign orchestration and performance monitoring services at a very affordable subscription price.

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