Customer Analytics

  • Who is the customer? –Manage the Identity
  • Buyer life stage
  • What do they look like?
  • When do they buy
  • How much do they buy
  • When did they last buy?
  • Propensity to buy

    The EA approach to customer engagement

    Empower your business with our framework of customer analytics solutions

    Customer Profiling Analytics

    Through experience, we all know that customers don’t buy simply because they are of similar demographics or geography.

    Express Analytics has mastered the art and science of profiling customers and modeling analytics based on their buying behavior. Our proprietary algorithms create a profile of your customers based on their long term behavior and their recent browsing activity. This dramatically decreases your cost of conversion and improves return on marketing spend.

    We marry customer lifetime value with their journey stage and your product categories. Our algorithms are able to detect which community they naturally align with and this leads to micro-segmentation. We strive to achieve a solo segment based on the journey stage, community, and CLTV.

    Customer Segmentation

    In today’s competitive landscape, real time customer information is a powerful source of competitive advantage for any organization. Our machine learning-based customer analytics solutions segment your customers into personas.

    These crucial insights come from not only understanding your customer’s behavior but also how their activities with competing products or services.

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    Behavioral Analysis

    We can predict customer actions with our behavioral analysis models that use machine learning algorithms on large data sets.

    We use predictive modeling and customer segmentation to get a deeper picture of a customers’ buying habits and preferences.

    This allows marketers to target each customer segment uniquely in an effective manner, and improve response rate of campaigns.

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    The Many Benefits Of Customer Segmentation

    So getting straight to the point – what does segmenting mean and why and how should businesses do it? In any business, only a fraction of the overall audience buys the products or services being offered. It goes without saying that your customers are individuals or enterprises with different needs; they tend to be as different as apples and oranges, or chalk and cheese, and the only commonality is that they are buying your products. Since it is not easy for a business in today’s era of information explosion and connectivity to cater to the demands of every single customer, you need to club your individual customers into groups.

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    Why Us?

    Ask any enterprise and it will tell you that acquiring new customers is one of the most expensive and daunting business activities. Retaining old customers is the next big challenge.

    We offer different customer acquisition strategies as part of the customer acquisition process.

    Also, by analyzing data like a customer’s historical transactions and interactions, Express Analytics helps you identify customers who may be at risk of discontinuing a product or service, thereby controlling the rate of customer attrition.

    Express Analytics uses advanced data analysis techniques to collect information related to your clients. The company provides customer analytics services to improve customer retention, CLV and grow your business.

    We are engaged in offering customized solutions tailored to match your goals, and are available to provide continuous support.

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