Analytics Product Oyster

Oyster - more than just a CDP

Marketers often stumble at two crucial junctions:


They fail to “see” a potential buyer’s complete journey or a customer’s lifecycle

They fail to effectively measure the RoI of their campaigns

Modern business intelligence (BI) is about getting answers to overcome these hurdles, and more

That’s what our agile marketing analytics product Oyster is all about. It’s a cloud-based platform that lets B2B marketers execute data discovery, analyze the insights and get “real” results, not some gut-driven hypothesis. Marketers can acquire a map of the actual touchpoints along the buyer’s journey or customer’s lifecycle. All loaded in an easy-to-use and easy-to-grasp dashboard, automated, and completely shareable with the team.

No more complex spreadsheets, or analyzing data in silos. Oyster means capturing data from any source, in any form, scrutinizing it, and acting on the outcome to strengthen customer relationships.

Oyster puts marketers back in the driver’s seat. How? By allowing them to analyze which of their campaigns are resonating. Using Oyster gives marketers direct clout on their product or brand strategy.

Enhance Customer Experience, Retain Buyers, Improve Bottom Line

Integrate Any Data and Prepare It With Ease

Suffering from big data overload? Or data trickle? Oyster has the ability to fetch data from any source, fast and simple. Marketers can pull in data from almost anywhere – structured or unstructured, bulk upload or scheduled pulls. Our enterprise-grade data management capabilities allow easy managing of data flow. You can import and export data, or link to any data source. Data preparation involves cleansing of the data – trimming, filling in the gaps for missing data – loading in data marts, validating and formatting it. From storage to compression to meta analytics, we do everything.

Data Visualization

Oyster, with its WYSIWYG, provides easy-to-understand dashboards and reporting consoles that tell marketers and their teams the story at a glance. Our reports – Lifetime Value Report (LTV), Catalog Performance Report, email Performance Report – come with attractive infographics, consumable on any computing device, and automatically updated whenever your data renews.

Data Analytics With A Click

From simple transforms to complex data mining analytics, Oyster can do it all. A client’s data feed can have Behavior, Attributive, Descriptive, or Interaction data. Depending on a client’s needs, Oyster has the ability to provide various analytics models – Response Modelling, Price Intelligence, Customer Scoring, Predictive Analytics, Funnel Analytics to name a few – cater to every aspect of your business. Easy to understand insights, in real-time.

Data Protection

Oyster is a robust data management and marketing technology platform.

While managing data flows and storage, data protection is always high on the priority list. We help protect the integrity and the privacy of the data.

We have data protection at a business level, and follow all the stipulated guidelines a data controller must observe when handling data in the course of doing business.

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