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Data cleaning services

Hire Experts to Clean Your Data Professionally

Are inaccurate, poor, and duplicate datasets turning your business decisioning into a chore?? Are you facing difficulties standardizing your business data even after dedicating large amounts of time and resources?

The answer is to let experts take care of validating, enriching, and de-duplicating your organization’s data with data cleaning services.

However, finding the top data cleaning companies to clean your data is a complicated task. But you can make things simple by contacting a dedicated data cleaning service provider like Express Analytics, which provides 100% assured services.

Some insights from analyzing Customer Profiling:

  • Email Format Issues: ‘jane.smith@site’ is not valid.
  • Missing Values: The email field for Customer ID 3 is missing.
  • Duplicates: Customer ID 1 and 5 are duplicates.
  • Age Range: Values range from 28 to 52
  • Country: Values include ‘USA’, ‘UK’, and ‘Canada’.

Data Cleansing

  • Remove Duplicates: Keep 1 Latest Customer Record (Merge/Delete)
  • Fix Invalid Emails: Correct the Email Domains and Top-level domain
  • Handle Missing Values: As Customers are from the USA, the Default country can be “USA”
  • Remove Invalid Foreign Key Entries: If Sales tables refer to customer_id, if customer_id is not in the customer table, that must be handled

Data Transformation

  • Normalize Customer Names: Make Customer Name and Last Name as UPPERCASE/INITCAP
  • Aggregate Sales Data
  • Derive Additional Fields: Age Group (Below 20/21-35/36-50/ Above 50)

Data Validation

  • Check Email Format: ‘%_@__%.__%’
  • Validate Age Range: Age < 0 OR Age > 120
  • Date Range Validation: Orders should be between 01-JAN-00 to SYSDATE
  • Unique Constraint Validation: Customer ID should be Unique
  • Pattern Matching Validation: Phone Number should be of Format <+91-9999999999>
  • Length Validation: Email should not exceed 255 Chars
  • Combination Validation: if Age>18 , Email should be Present

Data Cleansing Service Offerings

How does data cleansing simplify your business operations?

With well-maintained and clean data, you can shift your focus to revenue-producing activities and not spend much time fixing errors. It boosts the ROI of any promotional activity or marketing effort.

Why Choose Express Analytics for Data Cleaning Services?

We at Express Analytics convert data into the preferred format, remove obsolete entries, conduct RI checks, clean mailing lists, index in designated fields, and more. Each record is carefully checked, cleaned, and renewed at regular intervals. Our experts maintain thorough quality control benchmarks via multi-layered quality checks and save you money and time by offering constant, accurate, and clean data.

Making your data errorless and cleaning it manually is tedious and complicated. However, our proficiency in using various data cleaning tools ensures the cleaning of your data and organized evaluation in less time.

In our data quality management approach, we use systematic workflow and various quality checks for the constant delivery of classified, organized, and clean data to machine learning (ML) startups and AI companies.

Try our services – First 100,000 records cleansed for free

Benefits of Our Cleansing Services

  • Improve customer acquisition activities
  • Increase productivity
  • Simplify business practices
  • Increase in response rates and revenue
  • Optimize the productivity of experienced resources
  • Improve efficiencies by depending on automation
  • Preserve priceless resources

Why Do You Need Clean Data?

A major challenge for modern businesses is dirty data. It leads to the loss of millions of dollars to the economy every year.

Data will always be growing, even after the deaths of people; their records follow. Hence, without a perfect cleaning solution, data can continue to gather and produce several problems.

As an outcome of human error, data lakes and siloes continue to be problems. Handling data manually can result in 65% of all dirty data cases. Thus, there is a powerful example of data processing becoming autonomous.

Why Does Your Business Need Professional Data Cleaning Services?

Having dirty data in your company can lead to making wrong decisions according to that data, and you will be spending money on marketing efforts that could have fewer budgets if you had already cleaned up your database.

Poor or dirty data allows companies to make incorrect decisions, leading to poor customer satisfaction and the waste of money and energy. Without a standard practice to begin and maintain clean data, poor or dirty data issues are expected to increase. Loss of operational productivity as the resources spend their time evaluating and confirming data accuracy manually. The productivity of data experts is wasted as they invest time in cleaning, normalizing, and standardizing data.