Financial Data Analytics Services

Analytics in Finance: Out-CX disruptive fintech startups with startling levels of customer intimacy!

Whether you are a bank, broking service, mutual fund or insurance company, Express Analytics financial data analytics services help you leverage your data to move the needle on customer convenience, personalization and security.

Express Analytics financial data analytics services helps your businesses to gain insights into its financial grade, ROI, and formation of predictive models. Outsourcing financial analysis services provides administration access to quicker and extra accurate interpretation of financial data.

Maximize conversion and retention in the fastest time, with our expert modular offerings of financial data analytics CDP.

360-degree customer view including third-party data enrichment and identity resolution

ML-powered lead scoring to assign a conversion propensity score and recommended next action to every lead

Cross sell with next-best actions recommended by our AI-based models

ML-powered predictive response models to predict campaigns outcomes

Voice of Customer Analytics (VoCA) insights with natural language processing (NLP) powered techniques across structured and unstructured channels

Customer lifetime value optimization based on statistical models such as pareto-NBD model

Collection analytics with ML-powered customer micro-segments (e.g. low risk, absent-minded, unable to cure etc.) for targeted and effective interventions