Why is QSR Intelligence the Secret Sauce of Restaurant Success?

The Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) market is a highly competitive segment of the restaurant industry that caters to customers looking for quick, convenient, and affordable meals. In recent years, QSR companies have also started to focus on digital innovation with the int

| 19 May 2023

Predictive Analytics in Marketing: Hype or Reality?

In recent years, businesses have increased their usage of predictive analytics. By analyzing data to predict future outcomes, businesses can make more informed decisions and gain a competitive advantage. However, there is a concern that using analytics like this can be

| 05 May 2023

Product Recommendation Engines: Your Key to Retail Success

A product recommendation engine is a tool that uses machine learning algorithms to provide personalized product recommendations to customers. It is a key feature of modern retail and eCommerce websites and applications and plays a vital role in enhancing the user experie

| 28 Apr 2023

The Key to Retail Success: Harnessing Voice of Customer Data

Voice of Customer, or VoC, refers to the feedback and preferences of customers, which can be collected through various channels such as surveys, feedback forms, social media, and customer reviews. In the retail industry, understanding Voice of Customer data is critical

| 29 Mar 2023

Easy Ways to Increase Conversions with Behavioral Segmentation

Behavioral segmentation can be particularly effective in today’s digital age, where customers leave behind a wealth of data every time they interact with a brand.  Table of Contents What is Behavioral Segmentation? What are 4 Types of Behavioral Segmentation?How is

| 09 Mar 2023

The Benefits of Identity Resolution in Customer Engagement

Today’s marketers have to thread the needle between providing customers an experience that is both personalized, without overstepping into uncanny levels of insight. This means you need a fresh approach to provide a unified customer experience. Speaking in marketing term

| 28 Feb 2023

How to Use Behavioral Analytics to Improve Customer Engagement

The biggest challenge for marketers is to achieve sustainable business growth despite high customer churn rates. While businesses are always interested in increasing the number of potential customers and converting them into paying customers for business growth, they ha

| 14 Feb 2023

Time Series Data: Analysis vs Forecasting

Time series data is an important and valuable source of information for a wide range of applications. As the volume and complexity of this data continue to grow, so will the demand for experts who can effectively analyze and interpret this data. Table of Contents What doe

| 14 Dec 2022

Customer Acquisition vs Customer Retention: Which One is More Important?

Customer acquisition vs customer retention – which one is more important? This question is unjustifiable, as both are equally important to the growth and viability of an enterprise. However, many companies spend more time and resources acquiring customers and are u

| 09 Dec 2022