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Do Direct Mailers Still Work?

Direct mail marketing is any physical correspondence that you mail to your clients in hopes of getting them to patronize your business. Many businesses have moved from outbound marketing to inbound marketing as the inbound approach dominates the market. But even in the digital age, many businesses are re-evaluating their direct mail marketing efforts. So the question is - does direct marketing still work today? Download our white paper for the answer. You will be surprised.

| 26 Jun 2021

Use of Analytics in QSRs

Quick Service Restaurant industry to grow profits? Using restaurant data analytics, you can analyze every bit of data related to your business and convert them into actionable insights that can help with everything from menu design to staff training.

| 01 May 2021

Why Brick & Mortar Grocers Should Leverage Their Data

The traditional brick & mortar grocery sector faces two threats: Internet-based shopping & the entry of non-traditional players in the segment. In addition to learning more about their consumers, brick-and-mortar retailers can provide a better shopping experience than online retailers through the use of technology.

| 01 May 2021

Multi-channel Integration Strategy

Marketing that combines indirect and direct channels, such as online and retail store channels, direct mail, and email, is called multichannel marketing. Businesses need to be where their customers are. Using this marketing strategy you must encourage your customers to buy your service or product via their preferred channel of choice. It’s all about the customer's choice.

| 01 May 2021

Benefits of Targeted Email Marketing

Email marketing offers many benefits. Marketing by email is a great way to customize your campaigns and produce targeted content. One way to do this is to engage an already engaged audience. In addition, it is extremely cost-effective in comparison with other marketing channels.

| 01 May 2021