Data Analytics for Restaurants and Food Services

Piping Hot Data Analytics and Reporting Services to Keep your Business Profitable!

Analyzing and implementing big data powered strategies is the standard for modern restaurants.

Whether you are a dine in, takeaway or delivery focused service organization, our rock-solid machine learning predictive algorithms will help you seize every opportunity to grow efficiency and effectiveness:


Next transaction model, churn models, campaign response models to improve sales and drive retention through targeted campaigns


Increased average order value (AOV): using cross sell and collaborative filtering (CF) models to optimize customer value


NLP powered promotion optimization using metadata and machine learning techniques such as uplift models to identify the optimal promotion for each customer


Voice of Customer Analytics (VoCA): NLP techniques such as topic modeling and sentiment analysis to derive insights from structured and unstructured channels of customer feedback, including social media.


Performance measurement tracking, reporting and dashboards for quick views and continuous improvement