Data Visualization

Our drag & drop flexible interfaces allow ease of use for business users

Plotting insights graphically to help decision-makers interpret business data

Our Digital Dashboard

Deliver the latest response to your marketing campaigns & signals of visitors to your web properties. Enables you to treat the customer at the appropriate time while they are browsing your website or visiting your physical store. Our marketing automation helps you deliver enticing offers to the customer on their mobile devices using our proximity marketing services.

Our Predictive Analysis Dashboard

These predict what’s to come based on present business actions. These visualizations & reports can arm an entire staff with clear visuals & dynamic information that empower decisions-large & small-every day.

From the blog

Power of Sankey Diagram In Data Visualization

Data Visualization is one of the greatest ways to simplify the complexity of understanding relationships among data. Sankey Diagram is one such powerful technique to visualize the association of data elements.

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Why Us?

The Express Analytics ‘Self Service Adhoc Analytics Platform’ is a service which enables businesses to create reports on their own without having any dependency on IT teams saving them upfront investments.

Using this discovery platform, & its in-built advanced data visualization techniques, Enterprises can recognize hidden patterns in their data, which may shed new light on your business issues.

Some of the other features provided by the platform include slicing & dicing of data at any level & a flexible interface with an easy to use point, & click, drag & drop capabilities.

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