Customer Acquisition Solution through Precision Targeting

We use data analytics and our proprietary data sources to find, acquire and engage with your target market across all channels. Relevant messaging to the targeted audience delivers meaningful leads and growth with optimized marketing spend.

What clients say about our customer acquisition solutions suite

Our clients span real estate, income funds and luxury goods retail. They come to us to find new or under-penetrated markets. See what they have to say about us.

Turned around my marketing and made me a believer. I am now spending double but now I get the leads to justify the spending.

Director, Real estate investment fund

I was managing 74 campaigns for my accounts and new accounts growth was flat… Express changed this in under one month.

President, real estate marketing agency

Customer acquisition done right


Data sourcing

  • Target personas: We collect requirements on the client's target personas to pool prospects from the target geography and demographic, behavioral profiles; eg. Couples with net worth over $1M with one or both members over 50 years in age who have moved into a new home within the last 3 months.

  • Data Unification: Collecting data from sources(Analytics, CRM, Google Ads, Mobile App, Push Notification Email etc) and stitching them together to give a single view of customer

  • Profile Enrichment: Data are cleansed and parsed as needed. Incorrect email or postal mailing addresses can be corrected. Data may be sourced from partners like Experian, BDEX, Acxiom, or first party data sources as per requirements.
  • #2

    Sales decomposition

  • Value-based segmentation: Use valuation criteria (such as recency, frequency, monetary value) to partition the customer base into distinct segments. Isolate the segment(s) with the "best" valuations and alignment with business' growth strategy.

  • Predictive modeling: Identify the leading behavioral indicators for the best segments.

  • Acquisition modeling: Identify the behavioral groups with highest likelihood to purchase across the data sourced in Step #1.
  • #3

    Marketing plan design

  • Profiling: Profile targeted segments on purchase behavior (location, frequency, volume and types).

  • Offer design:Design the marketing plan with offers, channel and messaging guidance.
  • #4

    Campaign activation

  • Multi-channel activation: Activate the multi-channel campaign based on the optimal user engagement - through digital and/or print media.

  • Personalization: Integrate customer responses into the customer data platform to provide incrementally personalized messages in successive interactions.
  • Frequently asked questions

    Customer Lifetime Value (or LTV) is the net revenue generated through a customer during their lifetime. This is a key performance metric. A good indicator of the company's health is the ratio of the customer LTV versus the cost of customer acquisition (or CAQ). Express Analytics' data-driven customer acquisition solution ensures the business acquires customers with high LTV, while minimizing CAQ.
    No. The above approach is the comprehensive set of activities that could be performed, but steps are optional and determined by the scope of work.
    At minimum we ask the client to have a target persona in mind. We work with the client in refining this definition over time. We can also seed the acquisition effort with customer lists sourced from third party sources.

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