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EA's CDP Multi Touch Attribution

Track Channel Performance Seamlessly Across All Touch Points

Why use EA’s Multi Touch Attribution Module?

Millions of customers are exposed to thousands of different channels/platforms. The decision of allocating budget across channels is made easier by Multi Touch Attribution Modeling / MTA model which looks for patterns in the data, giving you a fair way to assign credit for sales to channels in conversion paths.

Find out which channels and platforms perform the best in converting a sale. Assign accurate credit to each channel and gain new insights

Optimally allocate your marketing budget amongst your various digital channels to significantly maximize your RoMI by using our Multi Touch Attribution modeling solution

Harness the power of Deep Neural Networks and make use of user’s context information such as browser type, device information, operating system, etc.

Go beyond just “Multi Touch” Attribution to find out the Cross-Device Attribution of your logged-in customers and gain even deeper insights