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How to Use Behavioral Analytics to Improve Customer Engagement

Customer Analytics

The biggest challenge for marketers is to achieve sustainable business growth despite high customer churn

| 14 Feb 2023

Time Series Data: Analysis vs Forecasting

Analytics Solutions

Time series analysis produces a series of information in a specific sequence, so it is

| 14 Dec 2022

Customer Acquisition vs Customer Retention: Which One is More Important?

Customer Analytics

Businesses invest a lot in numerous customer acquisition and retention strategies to gain fresh customers

| 09 Dec 2022

New CDP buyers must first prioritize value they want: Data veteran Manoj Gupta

Data leaders

As part of our new series – Express Analytics Leadership Forum – we spoke to

| 07 Nov 2022

What’s The Level of Your Business’ Data Maturity?

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With more and more businesses starting to rely on data, it's become imperative that the

| 14 Oct 2022

Data Processing: Steps, Types and More

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Data Processing: Steps, Types and More In part 1 of this blog post, we discussed

| 10 Oct 2022

The Importance of Data Preprocessing in Machine Learning

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While analyzing data, you must ensure that it has no errors. Mistakes give a false

| 29 Sep 2022

Mistakes in Identity Resolution that could be Costing Your Business Customers

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Are you struggling with identity resolution in your business? Learn about the common mistakes that

| 12 Sep 2022

Data Chaos: What Is It And How Can It Be Resolved

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With the voluminous inflow of big data in every enterprise today, data chaos is a

| 05 Sep 2022