Prasanna Chitanand

Why Your Company Needs Modern Business Intelligence in 2023?


In 2023, the international business intelligence market size is aimed to register a value of

| 12 Jul 2023

Innovations in Predictive Analytics: ML and Generative AI


With the introduction of ChatGPT-3 and DALL-E2, the majority of investors started showing interest in

| 09 Jun 2023

How to Use QSR Intelligence to Drive Revenue Growth

Analytics Solutions

There is an increase in demand for Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs) with the change in

| 19 May 2023

Predictive Analytics in Marketing: Hype or Reality?

Customer Analytics

Latest surveys report that the use of predictive analytics in marketing has increased after realizing

| 05 May 2023

Power Your Retail Product Recommendation Engine with CIM and CDP

Customer Analytics

Both eCommerce and retail industries struggle to engage their customers well and boost conversion rates.

| 28 Apr 2023

7 Ways to Boost Retail Revenue using Voice of Customer Data

Customer Analytics

Voice of customer data is all audience feedback that is collected by an organization from

| 29 Mar 2023

Easy Ways to Increase Conversions with Behavioral Segmentation

Marketing Analytics

Segmentation plays a key role in the success of marketing campaigns. Grouping audiences into smaller

| 09 Mar 2023

The Benefits of Identity Resolution in Customer Engagement

Customer Analytics

Today’s marketers have to thread the needle between providing customers an experience that is both

| 28 Feb 2023

How to Use Behavioral Analytics to Improve Customer Engagement

Customer Analytics

The biggest challenge for marketers is to achieve sustainable business growth despite high customer churn

| 14 Feb 2023