Why AI Matters in Email Marketing Success: A Comprehensive Insight

Marketing is the major region of business operations where it is said that artificial intelligence is expected to bring crucial change.

According to McKinsey, in addition to sales, it is another business department where it will have a major financial impact.

As for email marketing, 58% of marketers state that AI is benefiting their marketing strategies.

However, on the other hand, several email marketers (who are not using AI) raise questions about why they should utilize AI. If you also have the same query in mind, let’s tell you the reasons why AI matters for email marketing success.

Why AI Matters in the Success of Your Email Marketing: Different Reasons

Inclusion of AI in email marketing will lead to a reduction in manual efforts and enhance the sophistication of email campaigns.

AI can boost email content quality

How AI Increases Content QualityCrafting quality content for emails every time may not be possible for you.
In this situation, AI is able to help you.

It has introduced online writing tools such as AI Paraphrasing to instantly improve the calibre of your email content within no time.

Let’s discuss how AI-supported paraphrasing tools can boost the calibre of your writing:

  1. They can replace complex terms of your email content with simpler ones.
  2. They can automatically add some professional and persuasive terms to your emails.
  3. You can make the emails engaging with the help of AI paraphrase tools.

The added benefit of AI is that it lets you deliver a valid message to the right audience at a suitable time in an automated way. This is usually referred to as the email marketing triad.

AI can be used for efficiently managing data. With the rise in your subscriber’s list, it can become challenging to manage the entire data.

AI helps to compose emails automatically

Compose Emails using AIArtificial Intelligence allows marketers to automatically write marketing emails in a few seconds.

The speed at which the content is generated comes from the advanced NLP algorithms and RNNs (Recurrent Neural Networks).

Let’s discuss how AI-based content-generating tools are effective for email marketing success:

  1. With AI Chatbots, you can instantly write emails. Like this, your customers will receive quicker responses from you. 
  2. Chatbots enable email marketers to accurately answer bulk emails from customers at a time.

Hence, the emails you get from AI will be quick and tonally consistent, perfectly justifying your intent to the customers.

AI an optimize selected portions of your emails

Not only can the AI tools generate emails for your business solutions, but also optimize selected portions of the emails.

For instance, you can modify your emails’ subject lines with AI to attract more people to your message.

The reason we’re specifically talking about subject lines is because this is the only element of the email that reaches first to the reader.

If a subject line is written cheaply, without explicitly explaining the reason for the message. Then, 9/10 times, the email will be ignored by the people.

Worse case scenarios:

  1. The email is deleted
  2. Moved to the spam folder
  3. Opened with a negative bias

All of these scenarios are highly detrimental to your company and marketing campaigns. So, always invest time and resources in writing strong subject lines to your emails.

AI tools (like the paraphraser we discussed before) can modify the wording to improve clarity and make more sense out of your messages.

Hence, you can salvage the image of your brand and keep earning big racks!

AI assists in predictive analytics

AI in Predictive AnalyticsPredictive analysis of customers can prove beneficial for successful email marketing. However, for email marketers, predictive analysis is a mystery, but not for Artificial intelligence.

Nowadays, multiple AI-powered tools, such as Sailthru, are available that can predict the behavior of your customers by analyzing their past activities and patterns.

Predictive analytics collects all possible information related to customers in your database from several sources, like website analytics, government open data, social media data, all historical data, and company data.

Below we explained how predictive analytics are effective for your email marketing success:

  1. Predictive analysis by the tool will predict whether a particular customer will engage with your emails, unsubscribe from you, or make a purchase of the products or services you are offering.
  2. This foresight by AI tools will help you more effectively segment your clients/potential audience.
  3. AI predictive tools can enhance open rates, and improve your sending authority.
  4. Predictive sending uses machine learning to determine the best email outreach timing.
Use of AI in email scheduling

AI in email schedulingScheduling your emails can’t be done manually, but with the help of AI, several online tools, such as Brevo (earlier SendinBlue), are driven by AI algorithms to automatically schedule emails.

Let’s discuss why AI-based email scheduling tools are effective for success in email marketing.

  1. AI-enabled tools come up with a send-time optimization feature to forecast the right time to schedule your emails to reach customers’ inboxes.
  2. If you are targeting the customer globally with different time zones. In this scenario, AI email scheduling tools will help you send emails at convenient times for each region.
  3. AI email scheduling tools will ensure your consistency in communication with customers.

The email scheduling ability of AI is one of the solid reasons to consider it for email marketing success.

Final Words

Inclusion of AI in email marketing leads to customized email content and optimized email delivery, along with meaningful interactions.

AI email marketing tools are consistently expanding and are designed to offer real-time campaign performance reports and automation features to save marketers time. You can use AI to:

  1. boost email quality
  2. conduct predictive analytics on customer behavior, email scheduling, and productivity.

To make you clear in this regard, we compiled the above post, oriented on the reasons why AI matters in email marketing.


Q: How does AI help in elevating email marketing success?

AI helps to automate email generation and optimization for the targeted audience. 

Q: What are some good AI tools to use for email marketing?

SailThru, SendinBlue, Tableau, and paraphrasing tools are all examples of solid AI resources that can be used to have a successful email marketing campaign.

Q: Why does a business need email marketing campaigns in the first place?

A: Emails have a higher ROI (return on investment). They’re the best method to increase brand outreach, create leads, and convert them into potential clients.

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