Recommendation Engine

What is A Recommender System? A Primer

ML algorithms are used to run recommender systems, which filter information based on a customer's ratings or preferences. Recommendation engines are helpful in reducing the challenge of information overload in e-commerce. Amazon and Netflix were first to popularize recommender systems. However, you can now find recommendations in almost every corner of the digital world, from Facebook posts, Instagram stories, YouTube videos, to food delivery services and e-commerce sites. Today, more and more companies are able to develop and deploy recommender systems thanks to cost-effective and easily accessible software.

| 10 Oct 2020

Building A Recommender System – A Primer : Part 2

Building A Recommender System In Machine Learning – A Primer : Part 2 In Part One of this post, you read about what is a recommender system in Machine Learning, the different classes, and the steps involved in building a recommendation engine. In this second and last post,

| 09 Oct 2020

What is a Recommendation Engine and How it Works?

What is a Recommendation Engine and How it Works? In today’s digital world, a recommendation engine is one of the most powerful tools for marketing. What is A Recommendation Engine? A recommendation engine is nothing but an information filtering system composed of ma

| 24 Apr 2019

Why are Recommendation Engines Becoming Popular?

Why are Recommendation Engines Becoming Popular? In the first part of this blog, we read how using market basket analytics in a better way, small and medium retailers, too, can stay ahead of the competition by upselling or cross-selling. Today, we will look at just what g

| 25 Feb 2019