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Data is Most Important Item on Restaurants Menu Today

Data is Most Important Item on Restaurants Menu Today The restaurant menu is the powerful selling tool for your restaurant and acts as the foundation of your customer experience. Which is the single most important ingredient in today’s restaurant business? Data is most im

| 10 Jul 2016

The What, Why and How of Operationalizing Analytics

An enterprise may have deployed analytics to read the patterns within its data but sometimes, businesses fail to effectively operationalize analytics. This is as good as pouring money down the drain as adopting analytics is only a job half done; ask any data scientist an

| 14 Sep 2015

Evolution of Analytics Platform

Evolution of Analytics Platform I recently had an opportunity to work on a technology consulting project for one of our customers who are in the services industry providing business analytics solutions. The scope of the project included recommending an “analytical

| 25 Jun 2014