Technology Advancements for Clienteling in Retail POS

Technology Advancements for Clienteling in Retail POS

For anyone who has ever worked in retail, the term “clienteling” may sound familiar. Clienteling is an effective technique used by retailers to track their customers’ data and develop long-term attachments with their clients to survive in the market.

In a world where online shopping is becoming increasingly popular, clienteling can help you stand out from the competition and build a loyal customer base.

With life returning to normal post the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more brick-and-mortar stores are being pressured to transform and adapt their operations to meet the demands of online shoppers.

Specifically, it refers to the software and processes that are used to personalize a shopper’s experience and thus, increase customer satisfaction.

Tools such as clienteling rely on client data, such as purchase history and personal information, to accomplish this. This increases customer lifetime value.

Table of Contents

  1. What Are The Benefits Of Clienteling?
  2. How Clienteling Can Improve the Shopping Experience?
  3. How To Make The Most Of Clienteling?
  4. When To Use Clienteling For Maximum Effect
  5. What Are Clienteling Tools?
  6. Solution For Clienteling

What are the Benefits of Clienteling?

Clienteling is a retailing strategy that involves creating a personal relationship between a store and a customer. This relationship is based on providing the customer with individualized attention and service.

Much of the world may have moved on to digital but what remains a fact is that even in 2022, there exists a large segment of shoppers who still love to browse online and then walk into a physical store to complete the purchase.

Study after study throughout the last few years has underlined this. They have shown that consumers may browse online, but a huge chunk still prefers shopping in physical stores because it helps them to see and experience the products in person before buying them either online or offline.

Ready to create lasting customer relationships? Implement clienteling in your retail POS and see the difference!

How Clienteling can Improve the Shopping Experience?

Clienteling can thus be used to improve the shopping experience by making it more personal and tailored to the customer’s needs. In addition, it can help to build customer loyalty and increase sales.

Here’s how:

1. Improved shopping experience

Clienteling can help to make the shopping experience hyper-personal. This means that the store associate will be better able to understand the customer’s needs and preferences and will be able to provide them with the best possible service.

This can be especially beneficial for customers who are new to a store or who have difficulty even navigating its layout.

By providing personalized service, the store associate can help to ensure that the customer has a positive experience and is likely to return.

2. Increased loyalty and sales

Clienteling can help to build customer loyalty and increase sales. This is because it creates a personal relationship with the customer, which, in turn, can lead to increased satisfaction and return visits.

In addition, it can help to build trust and confidence, which can lead to customer loyalty. This in turn can lead to increased sales.

Businesses keep track of their clients’ purchases using retail clienteling, giving store associates the ability to identify not just the most loyal but also the most preferred customers.

This allows them to tailor their service accordingly. Taking the fight to the competition

3. As a differentiator

Clienteling can be a powerful tool for differentiating your store from the competition.

In addition to improving customer satisfaction, clienteling can also boost employee morale and motivation. When done correctly, it can have a positive impact on every aspect of your business.

4. Encouraging customer interaction

When customers feel like they are part of the store’s team, they are more likely to shop more frequently and spend more money. In addition, customer service skills are often improved as store associates learn to anticipate customers’ needs and address any issues immediately.

5. Fostering trust

When customers trust the store to provide quality products and services, they are more likely to share positive feedback with friends and family.

This trust in turn builds customer loyalty and generates repeat business.

Ready to create lasting customer relationships? Implement clienteling in your retail POS and see the difference!

How to Make the Most of Clienteling In Retail

Clienteling is a customer service strategy that involves developing relationships with individual customers.

Customer-related information can be used to improve your marketing and merchandising efforts. If you’re not already using clienteling in your business, it’s time to start!

Here are a few tips of clienteling to help you get started:

  1. Keep a record of your customer’s name, address, and phone number.
  2. Ask your customers for feedback.
  3. Regularly contact your customers to keep them updated on the latest developments in your business.
  4. Offer free gifts or discounts to your most loyal customers.
  5. Create personal relationships with your customers and treat them as valuable customers.

For most businesses, their Point of Sales (POS) data analysis systems are a treasure-trove of such data. No point in storing it, you need to analyze it to connect with your customers.

When to Use Clienteling for Maximum Effect

Clienteling can be u5sed in a variety of ways, such as providing special discounts or invitations to exclusive events.

It’s important to use it strategically, however, as it can be time-consuming and may not be appropriate for all customers.

When used effectively, it can be a powerful tool for improving the shopping experience.

Clienteling should be used when retailers are trying to create a personal connection with their customers. This could be done through in-person interactions, phone calls, or even text messages.

By using this method, retailers can learn more about their customers and build relationships that will last.

Loyalty programs can also be used to reward customers for their loyalty. This could include gift cards, exclusive offers, or even personalized messages.

By showing appreciation for loyal customers, retailers can create a strong relationship that will encourage future purchases.

Clienteling In Retail POS Benefits Strategies

What Defines Clienteling Tools?

What are some tools/software that can be used to achieve clienteling goals?

Clienteling can be achieved through a variety of tools, including personalized service, targeted marketing, and customized shopping experiences.

Clienteling can be achieved by employees who provide personalized service by greeting customers, maintaining relationships, and providing customers with valuable information.

Targeted marketing can be used to connect with customers who are likely to be interested in a product or service.

This could include using customer data to target ads, sending special offers to customers who have shown interest in a product or service, or holding events that are relevant to specific customer segments.

Customized shopping experiences can be designed to make the shopping experience more enjoyable for customers.

This could include providing helpful tips, recommending products that are similar to what the customer is looking for, or helping the customer find the right size and color of a product.

Clienteling is becoming better, cheaper, more effective, and more accessible than ever thanks to new software advances.

More importantly, superior clienteling allows retail store associates, managers, and marketers to tailor the customer journey to the individual’s needs.

Ready to create lasting customer relationships? Implement clienteling in your retail POS and see the difference!

Customers, products, and inventory information are instantly accessible using mobile solutions.

In addition, they improve collaboration, customer insight, product insight, and the ability to transact, which leads to enhanced assisted sales and a better in-store experience.

As a result of cloud technology, authorized users can trigger timely, unique, and meaningful messages based on real-time customer behavior.

Express Analytics Solution For Clienteling Bridges The Digital-Physical Divide

Clienteling creates a seamless experience for the customer from online to in-store. Express Analytics’ POS analytics solution uses data from the activity on the shoppers’ handheld devices to their online activity preceding the store visit.

The shopper’s identity is coupled across all the devices they used using a combination of deterministic and probabilistic methods.

These data are then aggregated in the customer data platform for informing the in-store associate of the shoppers’ needs and expectations.

The Express Analytics customer data platform is one of the most powerful tools available for managing customer relationships in both, real-world and online retail.

Retailers can use client profiles and advanced customer tracking to boost sales. Features include auto-reminders and event trigger to help your marketing division.

A complete customer profile view, including their online behavior, in-store attitude, and past purchases helps create an in-depth profile, for your marketing to create a personalized customer journey.

Predictive recommendations are also possible. With the help of client data analysis, your business will be able to accurately forecast client needs, helping drive cross-sell opportunities.

Real-time case resolution is also possible with AEA-enhanced customer service, so also the management of client appointments.

Retail Clienteling POS Software: Map the Shoppers Journey from Online to In-Store.

These tactics help the retailer:
1. Increase the average order value
2. Optimally allocate a marketing budget
3. Improve customer loyalty and net promotion store

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