Marketing Analytics

How Real-Time Marketing Analytics Can Change Your Business Strategy?

Increasingly, businesses are realizing that real-time marketing analytics are a must-have in the world of digital marketing. Companies can make better decisions about where to allocate resources and how to adjust their marketing strategies on the fly when they track and analyze data in real time

| 08 Jan 2022

5 Criteria to Help You Select the Right Marketing Analytics Solution

Without a doubt, data analytics has become a very important tool in every marketer’s arsenal. Studies have shown that on average, 12% of the total marketing budgets in 2016 were allocated to analytics by major and medium-sized enterprises. And, it’s expected to grow nex

| 02 Aug 2021

How Cohort Analysis is Useful for Marketers?

How Cohort Analysis is Useful for Marketers? A few months ago, we had written about the many ways in which cohort analysis can help businesses retain customers. In fact, as compared to other forms of data analytics, cohort analysis is one of the easy ways for a business

| 02 Feb 2021

How Artificial Intelligence has Transformed E-commerce?

How Artificial Intelligence has Transformed E-commerce? Never before have customers been more in control of the retail trade than today. But are they really? Or has the retailer wrested control of the exchange? Let’s revisit this in the light of new technologies an

| 03 Jul 2017

Three Big Mistakes to Avoid in Marketing Analytics

It’s not enough merely to decide to implement data analytics for marketing your business, you need to also ensure its proper implementation to meet your objectives. That’s a job easier said than done.  Once a company has embedded analytics in its marketing process, it&#

| 09 Mar 2017

Mobile Commerce: Changing the Way We Do Business

How mobile commerce (m-commerce) is changing the way of doing businesses? Mobile Commerce, or m-commerce, refers to the new way companies are doing business that is centered around the increasing use of mobile devices like phones, tablets, and smartbooks. First develope

| 08 Sep 2016