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The Growing Importance of Data Cleaning

Data cleaning is process of deleting incorrect, wrongly formatted, and incomplete data within a dataset. Such data leads to false conclusions, making even the most sophisticated algorithm fail.

| 09 Jun 2021

Building An Easy-To-Understand Analytics Dashboard Is Easier Said Than Done

Building An Easy-To-Understand Data Analytics Dashboard Is Easier Said Than Done Many organizations rely on an analytics dashboard to present real-time data in logical and clear formats that can be used as an executive summary or big picture. Analytics dashboards have evo

| 01 Apr 2021

The Many Routes From Data to Visualization

The Many Routes From Data To Visualization Data visualization makes it comparatively easy for the human brain to comprehend the information, but simultaneously, visualization also helps in detecting patterns and outliers in data sets. The increasing dependence on data has

| 17 Mar 2021

Even A B2B Business Needs A Customer Data Platform

Even A B2B Business Needs A B2B Customer Data Platform Unlike a B2C company, a B2B company has companies and businesses, not individuals as customers. Not only that, a B2B enterprise has to deal with a lengthy and often intricate buying cycle involving multiple departmen

| 19 Oct 2020

The Challenge of Dirty Data

A recent post on the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to clean data not only elicited tremendous response but CTOs and CEOs wrote in to say they wanted an even more detailed post on dirty data and its consequences. To be candid, we were taken aback by the response. We

| 25 Oct 2019

Here’s How to Tackle Your Organization’s Dirty Data

In part 1 of this post, we explained what really is poor data and the many ways in which it can impact your business. Now, going ahead, we will learn how data quality can be preserved, and the role of artificial intelligence in helping preserve large data sets. Here̵

| 13 Oct 2019

5 Popular Data Visualization Tools – A Slideshow

5 Popular Data Visualization Tools – A Slideshow

| 17 Jul 2018

Why Unstructured Data is Important for Your Business?

The collection and management of data require the right set of tools to aid the process. But not all data comes in the same form. It can be divided into two – unstructured and structured data.  Unstructured and Structured Data: What’s the Difference? Unstructu

| 13 Nov 2016

Algorithm-based Marketing: The War of the Algorithms

The War of the Algorithms: Algorithm-based Marketing Algorithms are biased, opaque, and scalable. Dr. Cathy O’Neil calls them Weapons of Math Destruction in her new book. In particular, those algorithms are used to segment customers into the good, the bad, and the u

| 24 Oct 2016