Does Your Organization Need Marketing Analytics Outsourcing?

Does Your Organization Need Marketing Analytics Outsourcing?

There are various studies out there that say that the data analytics outsourcing market is rising by leaps and bounds.

Some like this one by Market Research Report Search Engine predict the market for data analytics outsourcing to be valued at the staggering US $20.68 billion by 2026, recording a CAGR of 29.4%.

Others forecast growth of between 15-20% CAGR. Read why does your organization need marketing analytics outsourcing?

All of which only underlines the fact that outsourcing data analytics is something that companies, especially Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) must not ignore. Why? There are several reasons, 5 of which we examine here.

More than any other reason, analytics provides companies with a competitive edge. As the business world looks to more data-driven innovation the business becomes less error-prone, hence even if they cannot afford to have their own in-house team of analysts, outsourcing offers a way out.

Analytics is soon becoming the only lifeline for organizations in today’s swim-or-sink business environment.

Reason 1) For increased productivity and competitiveness

There are still businesses out there that think they can survive without analytics. Not only are they wrong in their assumption but probably have also never heard of the term, ‘Amazonification’.

Even an ounce of competition proportionately increases the urgency for analytics. That’s why you need to utilize your company’s Big Data. Period.

You will perhaps understand “Amazonification” even better if you were to study what Amazon did.

For that matter, check the track records of companies like Amazon and FedEx which have been utilizing data analytics for over a decade now.

Amazon, with its army of in-house data scientists, has built algorithms based on its customers’ daily needs.

It has access to vast amounts of data on its customers, and this helps it build a picture of its shoppers. It uses all that data to target them with relevant products, multiplying the chances of a ‘buy’.

There’s not a single industry left that Amazon can’t disrupt. All of it is based on data. The industry calls this the ‘Amazonification’ of data.

Many SMBs look enviously to Amazon and are eager to implement analytics but don’t have the resources. For them, outsourcing marketing analytics is the way out.

Reason 2) Who can do the job better – a third party or you?

If it’s an outlying function, it’s probably not worth your time and effort to hire someone, especially for it. Better to outsource at such times.

Third-party providers offer specialized and most ensure their services meet global standards. Maybe if not all of the analytics but some.

The benefit of outsourcing to a 3rd party today is accountability. The return on investment (RoI) is clearly defined by a third party.

One needs to create a “value-driven engagement”, where data analytics vendors are assessed based on the business results they produce and not the time and materials they use up.

A successful output by the vendor translates into success for the client which is a mutually beneficial relationship for the company as well as the vendor.

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Reason 3) This is a given – cost

Especially for SMBs, funds are always a major factor. Even if a company can afford it, hiring a full-time data scientist or even an analyst is not cheap.

Add to the salary other overheads such as taxes, and employee benefits, and you suddenly start wondering if it was the right call. And, what will you do if you realize you need more than one analyst?

Why Organizations Need Marketing Analytics Outsourcing

That’s why going to a data consulting firm makes sense. SMBs need to do a cost-benefit analysis for time is money, and in most cases, it will show that the value of your benefits far outstrip the value of your costs when you outsource analytics.

Mind you, costs include not only physical resources but also the human effort involved over a period of time; plus the related costs. Costs and benefits have to be assigned a monetary value to arrive at a decision.

With the increased competitiveness in the business environment you can’t afford to waste time. It is critical to get the things done right quickly and grow while the market conditions are friendly.

Outsourcing also leaves the head honchos with more time to focus on core operations. Neatly packaged analytics helps the C Suite guys make better, faster, and more informed business decisions.

Reason 4) Not getting the right candidate for the job

All of us know that there’s a shortage of data analysts in the market today – there are more jobs than eligible candidates. This huge shortage of qualified data scientists has left many hiring managers struggling to find candidates, let alone find those with the right skillsets.

Even after hiring one, in such a competitive field, the candidate is bound to be poached by other companies. Hiring also means the investment of time. Even if you do not have the budget to outsource, your company could do it on a per-project basis.

Reason 5) Customer-centricity

reaching out to your customers or clients in a scientific manner is one of the main outputs of analytics, especially marketing and predictive analytics. Data analytics is vital for customer-centric companies in the B2C world.

Analytics allows such companies to learn more about their customers, and even anticipate their needs.

Every company that deals with millions of customers know that segmentation, targeting, and positioning (STP) is the only way to reach the right customers with the right message at the right time through the right channel.

A survey across business functions showed that over half of the respondents used outside partners for some or all of their analytics needs. Many cited skills gaps as a major obstacle.

In fact, 55% of those companies reported working with third-party partners to address the lack of skills. Sixty percent of respondents who use outside partners stated that internal staff did not have the bandwidth for the analytics needs of their companies.

Bringing in outside partners with analytics as a core competency enables organizations to scale up and scale down while adding critical capabilities.

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