Data Reporting and Visualization

An image is worth a 1000 words visualization your data is worth 10,000

Blame it on the brain. Because of the way it’s wired, humans tend to processes complex data put in charts or graphs faster than spreadsheets or reports. Visualization is the best way to convey data-related concepts and reports. In a sense, data visualization is form of creative data exploration.

Our Oyster platform offers real-time, custom dashboards, using actionable information from systems such as, Oracle, Marketo, and Google Analytics. Oyster dashboards help you understand factors that influence customer behaviour, measure success of your marketing channels and measure and predict sales volumes.

Oyster is a marketing performance management solution that gives marketers the ability to plan and predict and measure campaign results – which means measuring the actual impact of marketing spend on revenue.



Tracking and measuring your big data is easy with Oyster one-login, one-screen dashboard and reporting consoles.

Once data feeds are pulled in from the client-end, our in-house infographic designer provides you with chart and graphs, consumable on any device. So it’s very easy for marketers to see and understand how their email campaigns are doing or how the sale of a product is performing, or measure the impact of all prospect or customer touch points.


Oyster dashboard allows users to customize or highlight any aspect. Plus, we have made it easy to configure and edit them so that reports and infographics can be shared.

Users can apply various filters and drill down easily with dynamic views.


Oyster reporting consoles and dashboards help you measure what matters to you in real-time so you can make better, faster decisions. Marketers can use SCORE to know which campaigns work and which don’t in order to take corrective steps.

B2B businesses can use SCORE dashboards to measure:

  • Email Performance
  • Website Performance
  • Social Media Performance
  • Database Performance
  • Marketing Campaign Performance

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