Marketing Analytics

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Deliver the right message to the right customer at the right time
  • Attribution of success to marketing activity
  • Predicting the Campaign ROI
  • Channel Mix
  • Circulation planning
  • Pricing Intelligence
  • Product mix
  • Promotion Management
  • Planning and Budgeting marketing spend

Product & Promotion Mix Analytics

To be successful in marketing, a business needs to understand the importance of creating a winning marketing mix analytics strategy for a product/service/solution. The EA marketing analytics solution maximizes revenue by leveraging the power of the 4 Ps – Price, Place, Promotion, Product. Our marketing mix analytics solution helps clients efficiently allocate a marketing budget to each of these activities.

Using our solution, you can measure the impact of promotional activities and price tactics on sales and/or brand awareness. Brands can use it to estimate the effectiveness of their marketing initiatives vis-a-vis return on investment (RoI).

Channel Marketing Analytics

Using multiple channels to reach customers is a necessity of modern marketing. However, without channel analytics, you may be shooting in the dark or overspending, or worse missing the value-rich audience completely.

Businesses that want to optimize the ROI on marketing investment must know how every channel affects the behaviors of their customers. Our powerful channel marketing analytics solutions use attribution modeling to isolate misallocation of channel-spend, leading to an increase in channel optimization, reducing the cost of customer acquisition, & improving the ROI of your campaigns.

Predictive Analytics

Predictive marketing analytics harnesses big data to predict future results. The Express Analytics predictive analytics integrates data mining, statistics, deep learning, and machine learning techniques to process and analyze big data sets for predictions. We coalesce scattered data together to bear upon a complex problem.

Our predictive marketing analytics solutions & services empower the marketer with metrics to improve the probability of success of campaigns. The use of our predictive scores in operational applications of Enterprise such as CRM, POS, & Call Center Application improves the overall operational efficiency of an organization.

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It’s not enough merely to decide to implement data analytics for marketing your business, you need to also ensure its proper implementation in order to meet your objectives. That’s a job easier said than done. Once a company has embedded analytics in its marketing process, it’s very important not to lose track of the implementation, or else, its efficacy could be blunted. From experience, we can say that there are some.

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Why Us?

When you buy any of our marketing analytics services, you are assured of getting detailed customer purchase insights. The EA team works on large volumes of purchase transaction data to help you categorize the behavior behind every purchase.

We offer not only lead generation but insights into customer preferences and trends. This scientific and sophisticated marketing approach ensures your marketing dollar is generating the best out of your investments.

How is Analytics Used in Marketing?

In analytics, not only statistics but predictive modeling and machine learning are today used to reveal insights and answer questions.

Analytics is used to find patterns in marketing data so that businesses can use that information to improve their marketing.

It helps marketers examine consumer behavior at a more granular level using digital attribution models. Models measure each consumer touchpoint to determine the most meaningful moments of engagement with a brand. Marketers quickly adapted multitouch attribution, enabling them to analyze the path a consumer takes across multiple channels and devices.

The practice of deploying it is common in today’s businesses.

What are the Examples of Marketing Analytics?

Analytics can be used in different ways in your marketing. It can be used to monitor your PPC campaigns, for monitoring social media, and to optimize your website, to give a few examples.

For a PPC ad campaign, the enormous amounts of inflowing data are difficult to handle without data analytics.

It also helps in tracking keywords and zeroing in on those that are moving to the top of the keywords’ popularity lists. The use of marketing analytics in PPC campaigns helps your business test new strategies, ad copy, etc.

For your website, analytics tools can be used for monitoring key performance metrics (KPIs) in order to understand your site’s performance. What kind of traffic is being attracted to your website, plus what are they doing while on the site, which pages are they visiting the most, and which they are not, are all the outcomes of marketing analytics.

Why Does Marketing Analytics Matter?

If used properly, this analytics yields better Return on Investments (ROI). By providing the insights needed to optimize marketing campaigns and target the most effective consumers, marketing analytics tools improve lead generation. Higher sales lead to higher ROI. Analyzing marketing data reveals insights into consumer behavior.

By integrating technology with marketing metrics and analytics, marketers can provide deeper insights for making the right business decisions. Also, it creates more value, resulting in better returns on marketing investments.

It cuts down operations costs and improves efficiency. The whole process is simplified by providing a single platform for reporting across all channels. What’s more, such an integrated analytics approach can reduce marketing spend too.

By using marketing analytics platforms, businesses can grow faster. A company’s revenue can be improved when marketing metrics are readily available, resulting in better forecasting and faster revenue growth.

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