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Marketing analytics is the key that unlocks higher RoI. Get more out of your marketing with Express Analytics’ B2B marketing analytics products and services.

Monitor & optimize marketing efforts

  • 35% Increase in ROI Optimize campaign spends and focus on winning strategies
  • 15% Lift in Revenue Use Attribution Analysis and Explain-AI to improve journeys & conversions
  • 30min Onboarding No-code integrations and blazing fast support. Dive in very, very quickly

Frequently Asked Questions

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Use Analytics To Make Your Marketing Smarter

Express Analytics offers a suite of tools to help you make data-driven decisions about your marketing. Make data-driven decisions about your PPC campaigns, website performance, and social media monitoring.

Get Detailed Insights On Customer Purchases

Learn how to understand customer behavior and preferences with our marketing analytics solutions. Solutions that help you understand customer purchase behavior, so you can fine-tune your marketing strategy for better results.

How Long For Implementation?

Implementing our B2B suite of tools takes about three months. Yes, that’s how fast you can start reaping the benefits. All your advertising campaigns, CRM data, website, chatbot, etc., are integrated code-free by us. What are the implications for you? Our analytics engine can be set up in under 10 minutes, and we can generate reports as soon as the data begins to flow.

Easy Price Plans

We have an easy pricing model. Basically, it depends on the number of monthly tracked users or visitors across your website and CRM. For companies with less than 5,000 monthly visitors, we also offer a free plan with up to three integrations. Our pricing plans can be found here.

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Thanks to Express Analytics, our Solar Turbines enterprise data warehouse has modernized.

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Express Analytics is super nimble, so much more responsive. These guys are super easy to work with.

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Express Analytics has enabled us to use analytics as the base of all remarketing programs

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Market Analytics

Supercharge Your Marketing Strategy

The Express Analytics marketing analytics platform is a 4-stroke engine: it reduces operations cost, doubles lead generation, improves RoI, and boosts business.

Why Us?

Any marketing analytics solution we offer will give you detailed information on customer purchases. Using transaction data, the EA team categorizes the behavior behind every purchase. Not only do we generate leads, but we also analyze customer preferences and trends. Investing in this scientific and sophisticated marketing approach ensures you get the most from your marketing dollar.

What Do We Really Do?

You can use our suite of marketing analytics tools for: monitoring PPC campaigns, tracking band mentions and industry updates on social media, and optimizing your website, to name a few. By analyzing data in your PPC campaigns, we can identify trends and adjust them accordingly to increase your RoI. Also, our solutions track keywords and identify those that are rising in popularity. You can test new strategies, ad copy, and other aspects of your PPC campaign using the EA marketing analytics solutions. They can help monitor your website’s key performance metrics to analyze its performance. Which gives you an understanding of the kind of traffic coming to your website, what they are doing when they are there, and which pages they are visiting most frequently.

How Do We Do It?

We do not have a magic wand but a robust set of tools, including a customer data platform that does the trick. Our algorithms are the secret sauce, but let’s just say that we use analytics to understand the impact of marketing campaigns, optimize the user experience, and predict marketing trends. Finding patterns in marketing data to help your business improve its marketing is what we do best.

Our digital attribution models reveal consumer behavior at a more granular level. We monitor and measure each consumer touchpoint to determine the most meaningful moments of engagement with a brand. Even if a customer uses multiple channels and devices, we are not fazed because we can measure and analyze multitouch attribution.