Express Analytics Launches Analytics CDP to Help Merchants in 3rd-party cookies

Express Analytics launches Analytics CDP to help merchants become data sovereign in anticipation of end of 3rd-party cookies

Express Analytics, the leader in enterprise analytics for mid-sized merchants and direct to consumer brands has launched an Analytics Customer Data Platform at eTail West 2022 on Feb 27.

The product is a response to the industry need to plan for the end of 3rd-party marketing cookies as intended by Google in 2023. The move by Google will result in dramatic changes in the ways retail marketers collect data for engaging with customers.

Going forward, after 2023, direct to consumer brands will have to rely on first party data to provide personalized service to customers. Traditionally, retailers have build data management platforms and 3rd-party data services to manage customer experiences. With the end of 3rd-party cookies retailers will find it very difficult to use indirect methods to understand and target prospects and customers. Merchants who do not prepare for this shift will have challenges retaining customer mindshare. In order to overcome this hurdle it is necessary for retailers to own and accumulate 1st-party data about their customers to identify and manage customers.

In anticipation of this shift the Express Analytics data science and engineering team has designed the Analytics Customer Data Platform to address the needs of retailers. While the solution has already been deployed with some retailers and direct-to-consumer brands, the company officially launched the offering at eTail West 2022.

What Is An Analytics Customer Data Platform?

Any marketing team needs a customer interactions database that integrates all customer data points together to get a longitudinal profile of the customer.  They also should be able to score the customer base and segment them effectively on various attributes. These data can then run email campaigns and other direct marketing campaigns using predictive models against these segments.

Express Analytics delivers its customer data platform offering to integrate historical data on a retailer’s customers from various 1st, 2nd, and 3rd party data sources across channels and devices. After setting up processes to cleanse, standardize and enrich the customer data, the team implements customer segmentation based on historical transactions and customer response to campaigns.

An Industry Necessity

“In the direct to consumer economy the world is your oyster and each customer expects relevant and contextual personalized service. To deliver hyperpersonalization a brand must utilize all elements of data available to it. The Analytics Customer Data Platform is the exact recipe for this situation so a merchant can grow through the anticipated transition in 2023. We are pleased to launch this offering at eTail West 2022”, said Hemant Warudkar, CEO, Express Analytics.

About Express Analytics

Founded in 2005 in Irvine CA, Express Analytics provides a suite of analytics solutions that help retailers boost revenues and enhance marketing return on investment.Express Analytics’ modular AI and Machine learning tools-suite helps merchants address their unique objectives in customer retention, growth, or acquisition. The technology suite is anchored by a customer data platform. Express Analytics is delivery partner to category leading retailers, digital agencies, and direct-to-consumer brands in North America.


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