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Oyster CDP’s

Voice Of Customer Analytics

Gain a unique competitive advantage with the advanced features of EA’s VOCA module

Raise your brand equity with Net Promoter Score (NPS), a metric used to measure public perception of a brand on social media
Classify reviews based on location, identify & filter out fake and paid reviews to stay at the top of your game
Make use of Advanced Sarcasm Detection in social media comments & user reviews to never miss out on those hidden implications
Deploy dashboards on key consumer sentiments delivered as a corporate dashboard and utilize localized intelligence for franchisees/locations on performance relative to regional/industry benchmarks.
Integrate your VOCA output with Google Maps to improve local marketing performance without increasing ad spend.

Why use Express Analytics VOCA Module?

All sub-modules within VOCA can function independent of each other, works with simple API Integration

Identify strong & weak points of your company by using the radar graph created by combining the sentiment analysis model & topic modeling

Named Entity Recognition allows you to identify mention of competitors or partners, leading to deeper insights for customer satisfaction

Create viral content and spread compelling campaigns to increase customer loyalty

Achieve advanced segmentation based on sentiment and emotional bifurcation