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EA's Market Mix Modeling

Increase Marketing Effectiveness Using Machine Learning

What can you do with EA’s Market Mix Modeling Module?

With EA’s Market Mix Modeling, you can find out the historical impact of marketing activities on KPIs such as sales, revenue per customer, etc. Also, forecast the impact of a particular marketing campaign even before execution and optimize your budget despite various business constraints

Find out the saturation point of your various channels to optimize your media spend across all channels for best returns

Estimate the impact of your marketing campaigns before execution based on the predictive models built using historical Sales & Marketing data

Reduce your CPA by up to 30% by reallocating budgets to more effective channels and significantly improve your RoM

Measure channel performance and optimize media spend while being compliant with the radically changing data-privacy landscape

Enjoy faster turnaround time and accuracy with up to 50% reduction in turnaround time when compared with other solutions in the market

Using the latest ridge-regression and evolutionary algorithms give our models the extra edge required to maximize accuracy and increase model capabilities

Get channel-level saturation curves on your smart active-insights dashboard and optimize your spend levels with just a quick glance