Express Analytics provides enterprise data services, analytics solutions and products. We are technology and location agnostic and customize our solutions according to our customers’ needs. More specifically, we offer data warehousing, marketing management services, customer and predictive analytics, and also business intelligence analytics. Express Analytics’ USP is that its services and products drastically cut down on the need for knowledge transfer, thus keeping the learning curve to a minimum and accelerating the time to market.

Our areas of work include:

  • Data visualization
  • Data integration
  • Data analytics
  • Algorithm development
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning

We have a proven track record of executing complex large-scale projects for Fortune 500 clients. Companies across domains like Retail, Hi-Tech, Financials, Healthcare & Life Sciences, Utilities, Entertainment have utilized our services.

We offer marketing analytics services that range from marketing mix analysis, buyer analytics, predictive model building, and cross channel marketing analytics. Our customer analytics services bouquet, for example, offers a 360 degree customer insight, customer segmentation and profiling, customer retention, propensity and lifetime value modeling, and RoI optimization.

Our data warehousing services include data extraction, cleaning & transformation of data, data warehouse setup, cloud-based deployments & database management. We also custom-build dashboards with user friendly interface.

Your customer is at the heart of our marketing service. Our marketing analytics solutions center around detailed customer purchase insights. The EA team works on large volumes of purchase transaction data to help you categorize the customer behavior behind every purchase. To this, we also add the patterns gleaned from data around your marketing campaigns to understand the factors that led to a conversion, consumer behavior like a click or email open, creative preferences and more. The aim is to use these patterns to optimize future marketing campaigns based on what was successful. The insights into customer preferences coupled with campaign trends is a scientific way of ensuring that your marketing dollar is generating the best out of your investments.

What’s more, our email, mobile and digital advertising solutions integrate easily with the popular systems in the market like MailChimp, HubSpot, Marketo, Salesforce, Criteo and more.

Predictive analytics harnesses big data to forecast future results. The Express Analytics predictive analytics integrates data mining, statistics, deep learning, and machine learning techniques to process and analyze big data sets for predictions. We coalesce scattered data together to bear upon a complex problem.

Yes, Oyster is our CDP but we at Express Analytics like to call it a customer insights platform (CIP). You see unlike competitors, Oyster is not just a standalone CDP. Oyster is the result of EA’s decades-long experience in marketing and analytics technologies. It helps an enterprise fuse its tools and teams with its customer data to paint a 360° view of every customer. No more data in silos. Our CIP has over 500 pre-built integrations to connect all your data sources, irrespective of channel or device. With Oyster, you can build customer profiles in order to help your business target customers accurately, and track and measure the real outcome of your marketing campaigns.

At Oyster’s core lies your customer. The AI-infused Oyster is packed with automation capabilities that makes day-to-day marketing tasks highly effective. For any marketing to be effective today, a 360° ‘customer view’ is necessary. Oyster CDP helps an enterprise garner enough customer information to have a holistic understanding of a buyer to better model their buying behavior. All of which will increase the success rate of your marketing campaigns. Oyster allows you to drill down as much as you want to capture the “connect” between what looks like unrelated data.

Because Oyster helps you build an identity that links a persona across all devices, you can use it to provide the same quality of customer experience via mobile devices that we might give them in a face-to-face environment. Unlike other CDPs, the Oyster CIP goes beyond just merely integrating various sources of data and provides actionable intelligence obtained from various data points that can be integrated across all the business cells.

What’s more, Oyster is a modular out of the box CDP which integrates almost instantaneously with your tech stack.

Oyster stack modules can do the following:

  • Data cleansing
  • Transformation and enrichment
  • Data centralization
  • Audience and segmentation

Oyster’s identity resolution algorithm is deployed to identify leads or potential customers. On an ongoing basis the addresses, emails, phone numbers and other aspects of a customer profile are updated Oyster’s recommendation engine provides suggestions to your marketing team at every step of the way.

Oyster helps your marketing team target each customer segment with specific content. Its in-built predictive analytics-based recommendation engine provides suggestions to your marketing team at every step of the way.

Thus, Oyster not only helps in identifying a customer’s lifetime value, but it also helps upselling or cross-selling your products or services to your big-ticket customers.

Our CIP Oyster can spot customers who are probably about to leave your brand or service, and then suggest marketing actions early on in the customer journey to engage this group and thus will prevent much of the churn.

When you buy any of our marketing analytics solutions, you are assured of getting detailed customer purchase insights. The EA team works on large volumes of purchase transaction data to help you categorize the behavior behind every purchase.

We offer not only lead generation but insights into customer preferences and trends. This scientific and sophisticated marketing approach ensures your marketing dollar is generating the best out of your investments.

We use customer lifetime value (CLV) to segment your customers, which, in turn, also identifies your business’ most profitable customers. Today, it’s very important to get to know a customer’s lifetime value for it helps businesses concentrate their activities around their most “profitable” clients. Express Analytics uses machine learning based predictive CLV modeling which helps to forecast the future value of existing customers based on their transaction history, and also predict the future value of first-time customers. The ML algorithms are trained to search your customer dataset for spotting common behavioral patterns within a certain timeframe, and analyzing them. These actions help determine the CLV quite accurately.

The need of every business is unique so Oyster does not come with one price tag. You can choose from a monthly subscription model based on the number of Oyster modules you want to integrate into your tech stack or a one-time payment if you want to buy the entire CIP. Pricing modules are also influenced by the number of separate customer channels and also the total number of customers in each database.

Step 1) Reach out: Just give us a call or fill up the short form on our website.

Step 2) We’ll set you up for an initial meeting with our data analysts and Sales team to understand what your business requirements are, or what it is you are looking out for.

Step 3) Once we’ve got what you want, our team will come back to you for essential information we will need to get started.

Step 4) We will use Oyster to access and consolidate your customer data from any number of different sources, including API, or manual integration.

Step 5) After the formalities are completed, you are set to go.

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