Use Cases

Efficient, Intelligent and Easy Decisioning for Modern Marketers

“Modern consumer marketers are faced with many challenges – some of which are still unfolding. Our innovative data and analytics solutions solve for anything your business will face today and tomorrow.”

Connecting offline and online customer experiences

Your customer doesn’t think in terms of online or offline, so why should your brand? The next phase of seamless CX is all about integrating the physical and digital experience in a complex multi-channel environment.

Express Analytics helps connect the many identities of your customers, so you can optimize relevance along their unique journey, to drive conversion and retention.

Efficient and effective marketing in the cookie-less world

Do match rates give you sleepless nights? Let Express Analytics’ ID resolution expertise take over and deliver unbeatable data quality and unambiguous customer identity.

We create reliable and persistent 360° customer profiles – updating addresses, emails, phone numbers, and other identity aspects at your pace – supported by a powerful recommendation engine to guide marketing decisions at each step.

Multi-channel / cross-device attribution

Express Analytics has honed the science of leveraging big data for the most granular details, using the best of marketing mix and attribution modeling.

This enables marketers to drive both – efficiency and effectiveness – across physical and digital channels, based on specific performance data. Minimize channel and message redundancy to make each marketing dollar spent on message, channel, and device count.

Predictive modeling

Our predictive analytics capabilities integrate data mining, statistics, deep learning, and machine learning techniques to process and analyze big data sets.

We connect the dots across scattered data to build predictive models with a high probability of success.

From marketing use cases such as segmentation, targeting, churn management, and retention, to response modeling for operational applications such as CRM, POS, & Call Center Application, our solutions improve the overall operational efficiency of your organization.

e-Commerce analytics

We deliver powerful behavior analysis models to create a deeper picture of customer buying habits and preferences over time. Real-time buyer behavior tracking capabilities help optimize sales at the moments that matter.

Using machine learning algorithms on large data sets, we deliver predictive modeling and CLV-based customer segmentation to identify the most profitable segments for e-commerce marketers.

Marketing data management

Data fuels marketing. But collating, managing, analyzing and activating data effectively is the bane of marketers, who struggle to work with IT to get a solid data strategy in place.

Our data automation capabilities make day-to-day marketing tasks highly efficient and effective. Our data intelligence capabilities go beyond ingesting and integrating data sources – we enable access to real insights for real business impact.

From data cleansing, transformation, enrichment, centralization, integration and activation – our in-house CDP Oyster delivers powerful data management to fuel seamless marketing.