How To Increase RoI Using Marketing Mix Model (MMM)

What if you knew how to sell more for less? We can help you. Marketing Mix Modeling is the secret to your marketing success.

| 24 Jun 2022
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Deep Neural Networks for Multi Touch Attribution Model

Is your business stagnating? Are your marketing dollars not really giving the expected results? Is your marketing not aware which channels are drawing in the most customers? Then, this is the right time for you to implement mutli-touch attribution modeling.

| 24 Jun 2022
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How To Grow Your Business Using A CDP

Consider implementing a customer data platform for your business if you want to take it to the next level. You can use a CDP to collect, manage, and use customer-related data to improve your marketing and sales efforts.

| 13 Jun 2022
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All You Need To Know About Data Mesh

A major challenge facing organizations today is data quality. As data evolves, it becomes more complex and more fragmented. The result is that data can be difficult to understand and use, which can result in inaccurate or incomplete information. Data mesh can help address this issue by creating a network of data sources.

| 06 Jun 2022
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Technology Advancements For Clienteling In Retail POS

Clienteling is the process of building relationships with your clients to better understand their needs and provide them with personalized service. In a world where online shopping is becoming increasingly popular, clienteling can help you stand out from the competition and build a loyal customer base.

| 27 May 2022
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How To Integrate Lightspeed Retail POS With CDP

It is helpful to understand the in-store shopping and demand of customers with point of sales systems. However, limiting analysis to on-site behavior is only half the picture. Identifying customer expectations and aligning them with marketing is crucial in understanding customer digital activity before the site visit.

| 19 May 2022
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Point of Sale Analytics: How to Use Data To Boost Foot Traffic and Promotions

POS terminals aren't just simple tills. They now have the power of a powerful device at the retailer's disposal. The information they collect can be analyzed by retailers to improve customer experiences, anticipate demand, and optimize stock levels.

| 06 May 2022
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Augmented Analytics: The Future of Business Intelligence

In a rapidly changing business environment, accurate and timely data are more important than ever. Business intelligence practices of the past are not sufficient in the modern era. Human wisdom combined with artificial intelligence is the basis of augmented analytics, a new approach that provides insights previously unattainable.

| 29 Apr 2022
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The Definitive Guide To Data Ingestion in Business

Whenever a business employs data analytics to make decisions, the process of data ingestion is crucial. The lack of data prevents businesses from understanding their customers, improving their products, or making informed decisions about how to run their businesses. For analysis, data ingestion involves collecting, cleaning, and storing data. Data ingestion is a complex process that requires careful planning and execution.

| 21 Apr 2022
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