Restaurant Analytics

How to Use QSR Intelligence to Drive Revenue Growth

Data analytics has been transforming different sectors for many years, and the QSR (Quick Service Restaurant) sector is one of them. There is an increase in demand for Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs) with the change in consumption patterns, hectic schedules of people, a

| 19 May 2023

Data-Driven Decision Making for Restaurants Industry

A study from McKinsey states that data-driven companies have a 23-fold increased possibility of client acquisition and a 6-fold increased possibility of customer retention. A couple of blogs posts ago we had talked of how data was fast becoming a very critical component in

| 07 Aug 2016

Data is Most Important Item on Restaurants Menu Today

Data is Most Important Item on Restaurants Menu Today The restaurant menu is the powerful selling tool for your restaurant and acts as the foundation of your customer experience. Which is the single most important ingredient in today’s restaurant business? Data is most im

| 10 Jul 2016