Restaurant Analytics

Why is QSR Intelligence the Secret Sauce of Restaurant Success?

The Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) market is a highly competitive segment of the restaurant industry that caters to customers looking for quick, convenient, and affordable meals. In recent years, QSR companies have also started to focus on digital innovation with the int

| 19 May 2023

Data-Driven Decision Making for Restaurants Industry

A couple of blogs posts ago we had talked of how data was fast becoming a very critical component in a restaurant’s kitchen. Know how data-driven decision-making is reshaping the restaurant industry. Bloomberg Gadfly columnist Shelly Banjo, who covers retail and con

| 07 Aug 2016

Data is Most Important Item on Restaurants Menu Today

Data is Most Important Item on Restaurants Menu Today Which is the single most important ingredient in today’s restaurant business? Data is most important item on a restaurant menu today. Know more about how restaurants menu analytics increases revenue of restaurant indus

| 10 Jul 2016