Attribution Modeling

How can Attribution Models Improve Your Online Marketing?

The attribution model identifies how credit is assigned to touchpoints within the customer journey that lead to conversions for sales and conversions. In data analytics, for instance, the last interaction model gives 100% credit to the last touch points. immediately before a sale. By contrast, first interaction models give 100% credit to touchpoints that lead to conversions. The benefits of marketing attribution includes optimized marketing spend, increased personalization and improved RoI.

| 13 Oct 2021

How to Implement Multi Touch Attribution Modeling?

How to Implement Multi Touch Attribution Modeling? So does your Enterprise need a multi channel attribution strategy? Without doubt. We could extend a dozen reasons but here are two of them – the online and digital worlds have made a customer’s journey complex, different

| 31 May 2016

Is Combining Marketing Mix Modeling with Attribution Modeling the Way Forward?

How to Combine Marketing Mix Modeling with Attribution Modeling? For decades, traditional marketers faced a challenge while allotting their marketing budgets among various marketing channels. Today, with the advent of digital modes of communication such as television and

| 12 Feb 2016