Data and Analytics Designed for CX-Led Growth

Our customers – high-growth market leaders – trust us for:

  • Experience-led customer relationships
  • Fastest time-to-value for every marketing dollar
  • Enterprise grade analytics at value-for-money pricing
  • Outcome-as-a-service model

Proven Marketing Outcomes That Improve Over Time

Complete visibility into the buyers’ identity and journey

Strong data-driven marketing decisions with predictive intel

Smarter budget allocations

Higher ROMI at same or lower budget

Seamless attribution for multi-channel and device environments

Every Marketing Data & Analytics Use Case You Can Think of Today - and Some You Can’t

Customer 360

Communicate with prospects based on a holistic, real-time profile of their journey and intent, for unbeatable marketing campaign outcomes.

  • Integrate multi-channel data to complete the mosaic of each individual customers’ profile. (Signals from on-prem data marts, structured and unstructured data from social media, digital touch points (email, browsing, reviews, contact centers, chats), IOT/ smart devices, web and mobile browsing, and retail POS.
  • Integrate customer interaction signals from digital channels with foot traffic at stores and geofence mobile movements to construct the most comprehensive customer profile possible.
  • Get real visibility into the stages of buyer journey, and proactively engage prospects with offers relevant to their needs.

Data Management

Find it hard to access crucial buyer signals because of the data formats or hard-to-access silos?

Easily store, access, and activate data about buyer signals:

  • Multiple sources (channels, devices)
  • Any format (delimited, JSON, Parquet)
  • Any size (GB/TB) of data
  • Any frequency (nightly, hourly, or real-time)
  • Any volume of data

Data Enrichment

Where data is available, it is often incomplete, decayed, or unusable for marketing purposes, without heavy involvement from IT to make it usable. Sound familiar?

  • Extract, transform, and load your transactional data
  • Enrich it with brand-safe, accurate third-party information
  • Make it ready to use for complex analysis, insights generation, and marketing activation.

ID Resolution

Match rates need no longer give you sleepless nights!

  • Unmatched results on match codes and match logic
  • Algorithms that enhance the match back rates of anonymous customers to known customers
  • Efficiently target campaigns across channels, and precisely attribute revenue to marketing actions

Data Integration and Automation

Does every martech investment seem to lead into another rabbit hole of integration, silos and execution challenges?

  • Leave the grammar of the data management to us, so you can focus on the semantics of marketing.
  • We automate routine data management, so you deal with the insights rather than the data elements.

Marketing Analytics

Every marketing activity needs more effective profiling and segmentation.

  • Use insights from behavior analytics, journey mapping, and customer preference patterns.
  • Drive up acquisition, retention, CLV optimization and churn management use case outcomes
  • Capture, interpret and run targeted programs based on an in-depth understanding of buyer intent.

Predictive Models

Activate data with a much higher confidence in the outcomes.

  • Predict the propensity to convert, response (campaign ROI), churn, and probability to reactivate for customers that have lapsed.
  • Create lookalike segments to expand reach and track cohorts.
  • Optimize campaigns on the go with intelligent recommendation engines and personalization engines.

Marketing Attribution Models

Is the growing complexity of the omnichannel landscape making marketing attribution impossible?

  • Leverage neural networks and deep learning to go beyond last-touch attribution
  • Deterministic and predictive data driven methods to attribute revenue from multi-touch marketing activities.

Channel Mix Modelling

Omni-channel marketing is not about being on all the channels all the time, but rather on the right channel at the right time.

  • Model customer interactions across multiple marketing channels
  • Measure the impact on revenue generation
  • Define channel seasonality
  • Calculate potential incremental revenue contribution of each channel.

eCommerce Analytics

Easy answers to all the burning questions to optimize performance.

  • Which digital marketplace/owned website/ mobile app/ is generating the most traffic, engagement and revenue? (And which are a drain on your resources?)
  • Which high-performance product categories should we prioritize?
  • How can we increase incremental revenue opportunities by analyzing reviews and ratings?
  • How to optimize shipping costs and discounts?
  • Which SKU bundles can increase AOV?
  • How can I experiment with dynamic discounting?
  • How can pricing analytics help manage price sensitivity and optimize prices?

Sales and Merchandising Analytics

Retail marketers know the importance of the in-store experience. Here’s how analytics creates value.

  • Insights on effective shelf space utilization helps optimize revenue from each square foot of shelf space
  • Insights from market basket analysis arrives at optimal product placement and proximity
  • Combining online product imaging with store displays for real-time inventory integration creates purchase urgency.

Business Intelligence and Reporting (Stakeholder Dashboards)

Identify and address what is not working, while optimizing and scaling the benefits of what is.

  • Reports for management and functional leadership to monitor business activity
  • Insights on effectiveness and ROMI based on granular performance analytics
  • Any customized reports based on your unique growth needs