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How To Increase RoI Using Marketing Mix Model (MMM)

Marketing Analytics

What if you knew how to sell more for less? We can help you. Marketing

| 24 Jun 2022

How To Grow Your Business Using A CDP

Customer Data Platform

Consider implementing a customer data platform for your business if you want to take it

| 13 Jun 2022

All You Need To Know About Synthetic Data


The world of business today revolves around data. While collecting synthetic data can be time-consuming

| 25 Mar 2022

How Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) is Important for Your Business


Understanding and knowing what your business needs means knowing your customer lifetime value. Knowing more

| 14 Feb 2022

Customer Lifetime Value Analytics To Improve Customer Acquisition Of A Retail Chain

Case Studies

Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) is a system of metrics used to determine how valuable a

| 01 Feb 2022

What Is Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM) and How Does It Work?

Marketing Analytics

Marketing Mix Modeling is a technique for estimating the effects of marketing variables on customer

| 27 Jan 2022

Everything You Need To Know About XOps


There's a new buzzword in town, one that made it to the Gartner's list of

| 19 Jan 2022

Role of Customer Data Platforms in A Post Third Party Cookie World

Customer Data Platform

The world is marching towards an era where there shall beno more 3rd-party cookies. In

| 06 Dec 2021

12 Proactive Strategies to Reduce Customer Churn Rate

Customer Analytics

For businesses, high churn rates and retaining customers are huge challenges. Churn can be reduced

| 25 Oct 2021