Customer Analytics

How Menu Engineering can Push Up A Restaurant’s Profits

How Menu Engineering can Push Up A Restaurant’s Profits In the first part of this blog post, we had read about how data analytics is being used by restaurants and fast-food chains in customer segmentation. Today, we will look at how analysis helps to build, or rather

| 13 Sep 2017

Data Analytics Enriches A Customer’s Gastronomical Experience

How Big Data Analytics is Boosting the Food Industry? Big Data and its analysis have come as a disruptor for the food industry, more so for restaurants. There was a time when restaurants were largely run on the gut feelings of a manager or the whims and fancies of the ow

| 03 Sep 2017

Chatbots and Customer Analytics

As we did read in the first part of this blog post, the chatbot space is relatively new. Not all bots are equal, and not many are configured around Artificial Intelligence (AI) yet. But that’s gonna change real quick. Know more about chatbots and customer analytics. Reme

| 20 Aug 2017

Using Chatbots to Really Understand Your Customer

Using Chatbots to Really Understand Your Customer: Chatbot Customer Journey Using chatbots do you really understand your customer journey? It’s now clear that chatbots are not just passing ship in the night. Over 2.5 billion people worldwide use messaging platforms like W

| 08 Aug 2017

How Artificial Intelligence has Influenced E-commerce – The Customer’s Story

Purchaser intent is akin to a guessing game but AI is taking out some of the guess work. Targeting buyer intent calls for using a combination of active and passive data to accurately deduce, with some degree of probability, whether a customer is in the market right now to buy or not.

| 10 Jul 2017

5 Ways to A Better Customer Experience

5 Ways to A Better Customer Experience How many times have your customers remarked after an interaction with your business – what an excellent experience? Whether you are a B2C or B2B company, the customer is king (sounds clichéd but it’s true), and customer satisfa

| 08 Jan 2017

Use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Customer Interaction

Use of Artificial Intelligence in Customer Interaction: AI Customer Intelligence Artificial Intelligence (AI) is back in the headlines as more and more companies like Amazon, Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Microsoft have started to commercialize its use. Four important de

| 22 Sep 2016

Data-Driven Decision Making for Restaurants Industry

A study from McKinsey states that data-driven companies have a 23-fold increased possibility of client acquisition and a 6-fold increased possibility of customer retention. A couple of blogs posts ago we had talked of how data was fast becoming a very critical component in

| 07 Aug 2016

5 Steps for Effective Customer Journey Mapping

Creating a perfect customer journey map can enable your customer support team to focus more on particular issues rather than problems brought on by a less personalized customer journey. Definition: A customer’s journey is a map that tracks the buyer’s experience. The star

| 06 Jun 2016